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Adductor Pad Kit - As4000 & As5000 (Models 4380-31, -32, -33, 4382-31, -32, & -33)

The Adductor Pad Kit is an adductor designed to position the legs of an individual with spinal cord injury or severe physical disabilities seated in a wheelchair. The pads are designed with internal threads for mounting to support brackets which attach to seat bottom. They are adjustable from front to back, in and out, and up and down. The pad is constructed of steel padded with 1.25 inch closed cell foam and covered with a Rubatex slip cover. A kit contains a pad and all the hardware necessary

Jay Adductor Wedges & Abductor Wedges / Build-Ups

The Jay Abductor and Adductor Wedges are accessories for the Jay Cushion. The firm foam wedges attach to the seat cushion with velcro or glues to separate (abduct) the legs, or position them closer together (adduct). DIMENSIONS: Adductor wedges are available in 1-inch (no. B119J, $25/pair) or 2-inch (B113J, $30/pair) sizes for adults, and a 2-inch junior/child (B163, $30/pair) size; Abductor wedges are 2 inches for adults (B118W, $25); abductor build-ups are also 2 inches (B118 and B168 Child/Ju

Lateral Hip And Thigh Supports (Adductors): 104-1000, 104-2000, 104-3000, & 104-4000)

Adductors of 1/2 inch plywood with Naugahyde, shelterite or synthetic lambswool covers. Front and rear tabs with snaps are standard. Model 104-2000 has solid seat mounting brackets which are laterally adjustable up to 3 inches. Model 104-3000 has mounting brackets in armrests, adductors can be removed with the arms. Model 104-4000 has multi adjustable mounting brackets, supports have 1/4 inch ABS plastic backing with separate removable 1 inch foam cushion. System provides adjustment for seat dep

Lateral Hip Pads

Naugahyde covered foam pads and brackets for mounting on solid back insert. Lateral adjustment possible, stabilizes hips and control adduction. 3 to 4 inches high by 5 to 10 inches deep, curved or straight.

Miller's Complete Support Systems

The Miller's Complete Support Systems are lateral trunk support components designed to be mounted off the seat, back insert, modular pan, or wheelchair frame, depending on the application, to give support to the trunk and pelvic areas or to provide adduction. Components of the seat, back, or pan-mounted systems include fixed, swing-away, and multiplane inserts, pads, and doglegs. The doglegs allow approximately 2 additional inches of lateral adjustment. The Multi Plane provides greater flexibili

Zippie Hip Pads & Full Side Pads

Pads are foam padded plywood, covered with naugahyde. Full side pads are 4 inches by 9 inches or 4 inches by 11 inches. Deep curved pads in 3 sizes: 3 inches by 5 inches, 4 inches by 6 inches, 6 inches by 10 inches. Mount to solid backs with angle brackets, or to seats with offset brackets or mounting rail brackets. Custom foam and pad sizes available. Full side pads available in 12 colors, curved pads in black only.

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