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Shoulder Wrap

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North American Hot-Cold Back Wrap with Collar

The North American Hot-Cold Back Wrap with Collar is designed for use by individuals with arthritis, bursitis, sore muscles, and everyday stress. The buckwheat-filled wrap quickly heats in microwave or cools in freezer. The heat helps increase blood flow to relax muscles, while the cold helps reduce pain and swelling. The wrap includes a removable air pump that allows the user to set the proper air pressure to provide needed support.

Polar Fleece Poncho (Model 180)

The Polar Fleece Poncho, model 180, is a poncho designed for wear by men or women who use wheelchairs. This poncho provides full lap and knee coverage when seated, with a short back so that users do not sit on excess fabric. Side tabs at the armholes prevent the cape from opening at the sides, to avoid touching or getting stuck in wheelchair wheels. The user can put the poncho on while leaning forward without standing. It is made of 100 percent polyester and 12.5-ounce Ziro-Tec fleece. The ponch

Slipos Gel Toe Tubes

The Slipos Gel Toe Tubes are soft, stretchable fabric tubes that are fully lined with moisturizing, polymer gel infused with medical grade mineral oil. The tubes offer comfort and cushion to sensitive corns and calluses by absorbing shock and pressure. Tubes can be trimmed to meet individual sizing needs.

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