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Cane with Laser Light

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The LaserCane is a height adjustable cane with a laser light designed for individuals with Parkinson's disease, ataxia, stroke, or other neurological disability. It projects a bright red line across the user’s path to provide him or her with a visual cue, help break “freezing” episodes and increase his stride length. The cane is equipped with an on/off switch on the handle, and the laser is weight-activated. The light appears when weight is applied to the cane and disappears when the cane is lif

LaserLight: Laser and Sound Cueing Module

The Laser and Sound Cueing Module, an optional feature of the U-Step II Walking Stabilizer (sold separately - please see separate entry), is designed to regulate and guide the user’s steps. It is primarily for those with Parkinson’s freezing and anyone with an irregular gait pattern. When the Laser Cueing function is activated (by pressing the red button), a bright red laser line will appear on the floor to guide the user’s steps. And when the Sound Cueing function is activated (by pressing and

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