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Ramp for Railcar

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Express Ramp

The Express Ramp is a ramp for a rail car designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. When deployed, this stainless steel ramp bridges the gap between the rail car door and the station platform. When not in use, it stows in an unobtrusive vestibule in the floor of the rail car. The ramp's operation is fully automatic using a drive system that is compatible with existing rail car controls. Manual backup operation is also available. DIMENSIONS (LxW): Maximum usable bridgeplate area

Fixed Ramp For Trains

The Fixed Ramp for Trains is a rail car ramp designed enable wheelchair users to enter and exit trains. The ramp set-up consists of three main elements: a Stepless Lite Ramp (see separate entry); a mechanical arm that is attached to the ramp and holds it in position; and a free-standing cabinet to store the ramp when it is not in use. When not in use, the ramp is folded width-wise and placed in the cabinet by the door. The mechanical arm allows train staff to operate the ramp and make it ready f

Stepless Lite Ramp (Models 30100-070, 30100-085, 30100-125, 30100-165 & 30100-205)

The Stepless Lite Ramp, models 30100-070, 30100-085, 30100-125, 30100-165, and 30100-205, is a portable ramp designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. Made of glass and graphite fiber, the Stepless Lite Ramp is lightweight and folds lengthwise for transport and storage. It has a non-skid surface with a raised edge on each side, and a carry handle on one side for transporting the ramp when folded. It can be used by passengers on public transport, including

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