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Case Management Program

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Aism Direct

AISM Direct is case management software designed for use by special education teachers and educational administrators. This program can be used to track and manage academic intervention services for students with disabilities. It provides comprehensive, at-a-glance tracking of each student’s full AIS information on one scrollable page, including areas of assessment, to-do tasks, active intervention details, related areas and assessments, parent notifications, and progress reports. AIS plans can


Case-e is a special education case management and Individualized Education Plan program designed for use by teachers, educational administrators, and service providers working with students with disabilities. Features of this tool for overseeing the IEP development and implementation tracking process include electronic IEP audits, IDEA compliance tracking, electronic IEP approval process, staff compliance alerts, automated report writing, integration with Waypoynt Medicaid billing (see separate

Excent Medicaid

Excent Medicaid is a case management program designed for use by teachers of students with disabilities. This program tracks services provided to Medicaid-eligible students, and automates the Medicaid management process to ensure all encounters are documented and accurately transmitted. The software can also create reports, including annual reports comparing services promised in IEPs to actual services provided; end-of-year reports by provider, position, and total for the year; and quality assur

Excent Online

Excent Online is a case management program designed for use by teachers of students with disabilities. This software streamlines data management for special needs students and enables educators to enter student data online. Once data is entered it is available throughout the system to generate forms, reports, and letters. Data can be viewed and organized with flexible reporting options. For communicating with parents, administrators, and educators, the program includes built-in notices, consent

Excent Tera

Excent Tera is a case management program designed for use by educators of students with disabilities. This program is flexible and customizable so it can be adapted to the requirements of each school district that uses it. The program is built around a common core of database elements dictated by state and federal requirements, customized to support the district's forms, reports, and processes. The program allows automation of case management processes, including state child count reporting and

Iep Direct

IEP Direct is a web-based Individualized Education Plan (IEP) program designed for use by school administrators and teachers. This special education program management software provides 24/7 online access for an unlimited number of authorized users. It allows real-time sharing of IEPs and student data between school districts and BOCES. IEPs can be drafted and viewed online, and state and federal compliance reports, accountability reports, and customized reports can be generated with a few click

Iep Planner

IEP Planner is an individual education plan (IEP) program designed for use by teachers of students with disabilities. This program can create all five IDEA required documents, including Evaluation Plans, Classification Summaries, IEPs (Initial, Annual Review, Re-evaluation, and Speech), Manifestation Determinations, and Behavioral Intervention Plans and 504 Plans. Most information is entered through drop-down lists and pop-up windows. All information within documents can be customized to meet th

Lifeware System

The LIFEware System is an outpatient outcomes tracking and reporting system that documents functional outcomes achieved across a wide variety of outpatient settings, including outpatient rehabilitation clinics, physical therapy practices, standalone private practice sites or clinics, adult day service centers, cardiac rehab centers, pulmonary rehab centers, pain centers, wound care centers, and other settings. The system provides a method of evaluating outcomes for individual patients, groups of

Noah System

The NOAH System is a case management program designed for use by audiologists and other hearing care professionals. Developed by a consortium of over 80 hearing care companies worldwide, this program provides a unified system for performing client-related tasks. When a professional measures a client’s hearing loss, whether with audiograms, speech tests, or loudness scaling, results are passed automatically to the common database, for use by any of several fitting systems from other suppliers. Th


SERVtracker is a case and clinical management and information and referral program designed to help home service providers, senior centers, nutrition services and other public and private organizations that provide services to seniors or people with disabilities. This software provides a central data repository for a service provider to store and access information about each client with whom they work. SERVtracker includes tracking, billing and accounting capabilities, and it has pre-loaded rep

Truemanager Diabetes Management Software

TRUEmanager Diabetes Management Software is a case management program and medical information organizer designed for use by individuals with diabetes. This program allows the user to download glucose results from a TRUEresult, TRUEtrack, TRUEbalance, TRUEread, or Prestige IQ blood glucose meter. The user can view patterns and trends in glucose results, and print summary reports showing such information as the number of test strips used, average tests per day, pre- and post-meal glucose results,

Uds-Pro System

The UDS-PRO System is a comprehensive tool that combines patient assessment, outcomes management, and reimbursement functinality for use by rehabilitation facilities. The system combines the Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Patient Assessment Instrument (IRF-PAI), case-mix group (CMG) assignment, and data transmission to both the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation (UDS). The system includes both Medicare and non-Medicare requireme


Waypoynt is a case management program designed for use by school administrators. This program manages school-based Medicaid billing for services to students in special education, helping the school district to maximize Medicaid reimbursement with complete regulatory compliance. The program comes with on-site training and consultation, Medicaid audit preparation and representation, and electronic service documentation.


WellDoc is a remote health monitoring system and medication reminder program designed for use by individuals with diabetes. The system operates through the user's cell phone or other mobile devices or Web portals. The three components of the system are real-time patient coaching, expert system tools, and decision support tools. Patient coaching tools include testing and medication reminders, metabolic target ranges, out-of-bounds alert, and caregiver alerts and support. Expert system tools inclu


WinCHAP (Windows Computer Hearing Aid Program) is a hearing aid case management and database program desinged for use by audiologists. This program allows the audiologist to store basic information about patients and their hearing aids as well as measurements performed with a Fonix audiometer and/or hearing aid analyzer (see entries). The program can store patient contact and insurance information and hearing aid model, serial number, and warranty data. Built-in search tools facilitate the creat

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