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Adult Car Seat

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Betterback Seat Support

The BetterBack a portable seat is a self-supporting unit that can easily be carried and used anywhere. The BetterBack provides a comforting, natural back support and was designed to prevent slouching while maintaining a neutral spine position. Its contoured wood shape keeps the integrity of the seat and back components independent of the surface on which the user places it. The seat also helps users maintain a comfortable, anatomically correct sitting position. DIMENSIONS: 15.5 inches depth x 13

Body Ryzm Jazz Rx Seat Cushion

JazzRX is a clinically designed back cushion meant to help reduce the health risks of sitting still, prevent "C" curve in the back and improve spinal alignment. It helps reduce back pain during long periods of sitting whether in car, airplane or at work and home. DIMENSIONS: 16 inches length x 0.5 inches height x 16 inches width inches. WEIGHT: 1.1 pounds. COLOR: Black. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: 3-year, 100 percent performance guarantee.

Columbia Medical Therapedic Chlid Car Seat

The Columbia Medical Special Needs Car Seat is available for children who have outgrown regular car seats. It will fit children from 20-102 pounds and up to 60 inches tall. The seat is designed for those who cannot sit upright unassisted.

Elderstore Deluxe Swivel Seat Cushion

The Elderstore Deluxe Swivel Seat Cushion is a cushioned seat designed to help the elderly, disabled, or others who have difficulty getting into and out of wheelchairs, cars, or any other seating situation. It swivels and allows the user to swing their legs out while remaining in a seated position. It is made of a dense foam resting upon a swivel base made of a durable plastic. The plastic base contains the swivel mechanism which uses ball-bearings and roller to achieve the 360 degree rotations.

Relax The Back Gel Seat Cushion

The patented, portable Gel Seat combines a gel cushion with a memory material base to disperse weight and relieve strain on your spine and soft tissue. The center groove elevates the tailbone, eliminating the point of contact that causes direct pressure on the spine. The unique wedge design promotes proper lumbar curvature while you're seated, so users can sit longer and stay free from fatigue and discomfort. Folds up for compact travel. DIMENSIONS: 13.5 inches depth X 16 inch width. COLOR: Blac

Stander Automobility Solution Kit, Model 3033

Standers Automobility Solution Kit is a combination package of swivel cushion and handy bar. It promotes safety and mobility and protects against falls and makes standing or sitting easy. It features secure fit into passenger or driver side of door latch without any vehicle modification. It has no slip ergonomic grip and fits parallel to car for comfortable grip and optimal leverage.  

The Chamberlain

The Chamberlain is an adaptive seat belt for children and adults with health care needs. It is designed for children and adults with cognitive disabilities or special health care needs. The seat belt keeps the occupant in position while using the vehicle seat belt. It helps keep the seat belt in position and on the shoulder and off the neck of the user. 

Therapedic Positioning Seat For Small Adults (Model 2500)

The TheraPedic Positioning Seat for Small Adults, model 2500, is a car seat that provides positioning and support for individuals with balance disabilities, neurological disabilities, or severe physical disabilities. The seating system includes a five-point harness, shoulder harness pads, lateral positioning pads, adjustable head pads, a crotch strap pad, and a tether strap kit. FRAME: The outside width is 23 inches. SEAT (HxLxW): 33 x 12 x 19.5 inches. The seat is designer blue and angles 95 de

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