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Plastisol Coated Spoon

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Coated Weighted Soup Spoon

The Coated Weighted Soup Spoon is a plastisol coated spoon designed for use by individuals with grasping or neuromuscular disabilities, or spasticity. This adaptive utensil features a built-up covered handle designed to comfortably fit the fingers and provide an easier grasping surface to steady the hands. The entire spoon, including the spoon bowl, is covered in a layer of plastisol to prevent injury from hitting, jabbing or biting the teeth and gums. DIMENSIONS: The spoon is 7.5 inches long. W

Maddak Eating Plastic Coated Spoons,Model H746320001

The Plastisol Coated Teaspoon and Soup Spoon are plastisol coated spoons designed for use by individuals with limited hand dexterity or neurological, grasping or eating disabilities. The spoon handles are made of stainless steel and the spoon bowls are coated with non-toxic plastisol. The plastisol coating is intended to protect the teeth, gums and lips of users who tend to have difficulty or have stabbing or jerky motion getting eating utensils to their mouths or involuntary biting down on the

Plastic Coated Built Up Handle Teaspoon (Models 1074 & 1075)

The Plastic Coated Built Up Handle Teaspoon, models 1074 & 1075 are built up utensils designed for use by individuals with grasping disabilities. The molded plastic handles are designed to help improve grasp and holding patterns. The Plastisol coated utensils protect those who strike their teeth or are temperature sensitive. The stainless steel utensils are dishwasher safe and latex free. Model 1074 is a 3-inch handle youth spoon. Model 1075 is a 4-inch handle teaspoon. DIMENSIONS: The yout

Plastisol Coated Spoon (Models 1072 & 1071)

The Plastisol Coated Spoon, model 1072 & 1071, are plastic coated spoons designed for use by individuals with eating disabilities. The spoons are designed to protect teeth and lips from utensil edges and temperature sensitivity. They are latex free and dishwasher safe.

Youth Weighted / Coated Spoons

The Youth Weighted/Coated Spoons are weighted spoons designed for use by children with tremors, biting reflexes, or grasping or upper extremity disabilities. These spoons have plastisol coating that increases the thickness of the bowls and help protect teeth and lips. The plastic vinyl handles are shaped to fit the fingers. Left- or right-hand models are shaped to turn in toward the center of the body. The utensils are made of stainless steel and can be cleaned in a dishwasher. DIMENSIONS: 7/8 i

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