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Music Synthesizer Control System

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The Skoog is a music synthesizer designed for use by children with disabilities that are unable to play standard musical instruments. The Skoog is a cube mounted on a square base with colored half spheres extending from all four sides and the top of the cube. The user can squeeze, press, roll, twist or wobble it to generate a sound. The Skoog connects to a computer via a USB cable (included), and it produces sound through the computer utilizing the Skoogmusic software, which included with the

Soundbeam (Kit A & Kit B)

Soundbeam is a music synthesizer control system designed to allow people with physical or developmental disabilities to create music on any instrument operating with MIDI without physical contact by interrupting a stream of ultrasonic pulses. The Soundbeam master or remote sensor sends out an invisible stream of ultrasonic pulses; when the beam is interrupted, echoes bounce back to the master. Soundbeam detects the interruption, measures the length of time required for the pulse to meet the inte

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