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Portable Toilet

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Ls400 Toilet Lift

The LS400 Toilet Lift is a portable toilet seat lift and commode with seat lift designed for use by individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities. The unit can be wheeled from room to room and bedside to bathroom with its ergonomic rear push bar for use as a power bedside commode or over-the-toilet motorized lift. During toilet transfer, it reduces the physical force required by caregivers to help users on and off the toilet. The LS400 can be configured as a height-adjustable toilet

Recirculating Toilet & Electra Magic (Model 80)

Portable toilets. Sanitary, odorless. Models have waste holding tank capacity of 2.6 gallons, 4.3 gallons, or 5.5 gallons. Holding tank detaches for easy emptying. Some models have integral waste holding tank level indicator and position locking lid. Optional hold down brackets secure unit to floor. Toilets are 13 1/2 inches or 15 inches wide; 15 inches or 16 1/2 inches long; 12 inches, 13 inches, 14 5/8 inches, or 16 1/4 inches high. Electra Magic Model 80 is a recirculating portable toilet; pr

Wipe Assist

Wipe Assist is a product designed for individuals who have limited upper body mobility and find it difficult to adequately wipe themselves or for persons that cannot turn their torso and/or reach around in order to fully wipe themselves. Made especially for individuals with grasping, neurological, reaching, or upper extremity disabilities. The device is designed to hold toilet paper 16 inches out from where the user can reach. Wipe Assist allows users to wipe independently and without assistance

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