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Fever Strip

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Redi-Temp Liquid Crystal Temperature Monitor (Models 5010-H & 8001)

The Redi-Temp Liquid Crystal Temperature Monitor is a digital thermometer that can be applied to skin on the forehead, temple, behind the ear, or over the heart. It has no glass or mercury and can remain in place for several days with no discomfort or side effects. Temperatures are displayed in large bright green characters on a liquid crystal display. The thermometer is available in strips (model 8001) or in an oval shape (model 5010-H) that optimizes contact with blood vessels in the forehead.

Stat-Temp Ii (Models 1150, 1151, 3010, & 3020)

The Stat-Temp II is a liquid crystal fever strip. This small, circular temperature monitor has a ThermalSense metal backing designed to enable it to continuously monitor temperature quickly and accurately. The disc's design permits uniform contact with the surface of the skin and can be placed almost anywhere on the body including the forehead, temple, behind the ears, over the heart, along limbs for objective determination of a regional block, or on skin flap surgery locations. The device conta

Temp•Qwik Forehead Thermometer (Model 70032)

The Apex Temp•Qwik Forehead Thermometer, model 70032, is a reusable fever strip for gauging a person's temperature. This re-usable thermometer displays the temperature in 15 seconds. The strip has an adhesive back to adhere to the forehead of the individual for constant monitoring without disturbing him or her. OPTIONS: Custom imprinting. DIMENSIONS (HxW): 1-1/8 x 3-5/8 inches.

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