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Floor Ladder

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A-Frame Ladder

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted A-frame ladder for a child with microcephaly, developmental delay, cerebral palsy, and low muscle strength to use for strengthening exercises and promote standing and other mobility. The frame’s ladder rungs are made from 25 millimeter dowel and the four sides are made of pine and angled off at the top to avoid a sharp edge, The frame is painted a cheerful yellow. Each set of the two sides is hinged at the top and is locked

Coordination Ladder

The Coordination Ladder is a foot ladder designed for use with children with walking, balance, or neurological disabilities. Designed to helps improve spatial orientation, balance and eye-foot coordination, this hardwood six-rung ladder can be used flat on the floor, on its side, or attached to the manufacturer's Jump Box. DIMENSIONS(LxW):6 feet, 9 inches x 16 inches. The rungs are 15 inches apart.

Folding Wood Step Stool

This folding wood step stool is designed for individuals with balance problems or a disability which affects persons' equilibrium. It is intended for use in the kitchen, pantries, closets, and similar spaces.

Foot Placement Ladder (Model 210)

The foot placement ladder has adjustable cross bars for different length steps, with reinforced metal crossties. The ladder assist patients in coordinating hip and knee flexion while walking. DIMENSIONS: 92 inches long x 23 1/2 wide.

Foot Placement Ladder (Model 550822)

The Foot Placement Ladder, model 550822, is a floor ladder designed for use in therapy by individuals with mobility or balance disabilities. This wood ladder has adjustable cross bars for different length steps. It is also equipped with metal crossties. The user can walk between the cross bars to develop concept of weight transference from right to left foot. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 92 x 23.5 inches.

Freedom Climber

The Freedom Concepts Freedom Climber provides therapeutic recreation for children 5 years of age and under. The Freedom Climber is designed to help children develop gross motor skills. The activity net can be used in a therapy center, school, or at home. It can be set up in various ways to work on balance, strength, coordination and motor planning.

Playaway Toy Company Class Champs Therapy System

The Playaway Toy Company Class Champs Therapy System is a free standing indoor playground space for children working on developmental skills such as balancing, climbing and swinging while seeking vestibular input. The Playaway Toy Company Class Champs Therapy System can be installed in a playroom at home, therapy clinic gym or school indoor playground. OPTIONS: Class Champs Rock Wall, Class Champs Sway Bridge, Class Champs Balance Beam, Playaway Toy Net Swing and Playaway Toy Trapeze Bar are som

Southpaw Board Walk (Model 1198)

The Board Walk, model 1198, is an obstacle course designed to build motor planning skills and balance for clients with a physical disability. Create a course adapted specifically to your individual's needs using the adjustable padded dividers. The plywood dividers are padded on each side so they easy on the knees and feet for walking and crawling. Build a straight ladder, connect the pieces at right angles or make a zig-zag path. It can also be used as a mini balance beam. DIMENSIONS: Six - four

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