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Adjustable "tee" Stool (Model 2420)

The Adjustable "Tee" Stool, model 2420, is designed to assist with the development of balance, integrative, and perceptual motor skills. This product consists of a round wood seat mounted on a height-adjustable steel pole with a rubber tip to prevent slippage. The Adjustable "Tee" Stool's position button locks allows for five different height adjustments to accommodate children or adults. DIMENSIONS: Stool height adjusts from 10.75 to 16 inches; seat is 10.75 inches in diameter. CAPACITY: 200 po

One Leg Therapy Stool

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: The stool helps those who struggle with fidgeting, such as individuals with Autism, ADD, ADHD or other cognitive disorders. Old crutches and scrap wood are utilized to create an adjustable seat that helps one practice self-regulation. COMMENTS: The One Leg Therapy Stool allows those with cognitive or fidgeting impairments practice self-regulation.

Southpaw Belly Booster (Model 1955)

The Belly Booster, model 1955, is a bolster rolldesigned to work as an abdominal support for crawling activities for individuals with physical disabilities. Two adjustable side pieces act as stoppers so that the bolster will roll only as far as desired. When the sides stop the bolster from rolling forward, it automatically rolls backward. The Belly Booster can also support the users back or belly without rolling in order to build flexion patterns and trunk tone. It also acts as a T-stool where c

T Stool (Model 8100)

The T Stool, model 8100, is designed for use in balance training. The stool consists of a padded vinyl rectangular seat securely mounted to a coated metal leg. Features include rubber tips to prevent slipping. TheDIMENSIONS (HxD): The stool is 10.5 x 4 inches. The adjustable height is 12 to 18 inches in 1-inch increments. CAPACITY: 300 pounds.

Toddler Kore Wobble Chair

Toddler Kore Wobble Chair is a seat design to allow movement when children are required to sit. The base of the Toddler Kore Wobble Chair is designed to allow movement in 360 degrees and to remain upright without tipping over. When the user stands up, the chair stays in place. The Toddler Kore Wobble Chair will allow rocking from side to side, front to back or anywhere in between. The constant motion of the chair provides feedback to the brain to help the child understand where their body is in

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