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In-Ground Trampoline

In-Ground Trampolines (IGT) can be used in activities to improve balance and gross motor skill for children and adults with neurological, physical disabilities and sensory processing disorders. The In-Ground Trampoline can also be used a source of family entertainment.

Moon Shoes (Model 1113)

Moon Shoes, model 1113, is a mini-trampoline designed to aid in the development of balance and coordination for individuals who are physically challenged. The shoes allow the user to jump and leap providing vestibular and proprioceptive stimulation. An enhanced strap system keeps the shoes securely fastened to the client's feet. Replacement bounce straps are available. SIZES: Maximum is men's shoe size 10. CAPACITY: Working load 150 pounds. COLOR: may vary. GUARANTEE: One full year from shipping

Southpaw Bounce Pad (Model 1120)

The Bounce Pad, model 1120, is a trampoline designed to provide otolithic stimulation for persons with poor motor skills. The trampoline forces the user to practice balance, timing, and motor planning. The triangular Bounce Pad has a carpeted plywood base with a padded edge for protection. DIMENSIONS: 22 inch triangle. Five inches high. CAPACITY: Working load 100 pounds. WEIGHT: 15 pounds. GUARANTEE: One full year from shipping date.

Parent Category: Gross Motor Play

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