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Foam Rubber Toy Kit

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Peg A Set And Peg A Plane (Models 2601 & 2603)

The Peg-A-Set, model 2601, is a foam rubber toy kit designed to improve fine motor skills for children with little or no motor skills. Each set contains colorful crepe foam rubber shaped, wooden dowels, and full size lay on patterns which introduce basic diagram reading, shape recognition and matching. The set comes with three trucks and a train locomotive with three cars. Also available is the Peg-A-Plane, model 2603, which includes a humbo jet, a bi-plane, and a helicopter. GUARANTEE: One full

Toobers & Zots And Oobles

TOOBERS & ZOTS are washable, non-toxic, flexible, tactile foam block and foam rubber toy kit for children with visual or physical disabilities. The soft, large-scale construction toy kits include TOOBERS, which are brightly-colored foam tubes that bend like pipe cleaners and range in length from two inches to four feet long and ZOTS, an assortment of small geomtric shapes that attach to toobers like beads on a string. The tactile nature and larger sizes aid in grasping and successful play. C

Zottoid Balls

Zottoids are a foam rubber toy kit designed to create three dimensional foam balls for use by children with fine motor disabilities. Each kit contains 16 interlocking two-tone foam pieces to create at least seven balls using four to sixteen pieces; the complexity of the ball is determined by the number of pieces used. The balls can be used for catching and throwing activities. Weight can be added to the balls by filling the empty spaces with beans. Annotated photographic instructions are include

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