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---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of a prosthetic leg that addresses the unique needs of women with leg amputation. Outfeet is a prosthetic limb designed to replicate the look and workings of the female silhouette and muscle structure. Outfeet aims to be not only a medical device but a fashion accessory as well. The leg has bones and flexible skins that can be stretched onto its carbon fiber body. The body gives Outfeet the volume and silhouette of a leg without compromisin

Seattle Endoskeletal Cosmesis (Model Sec201, Sec202)

The Seattle Endoskeletal Cosmesis is a cosmetic cover prosthetic for individuals who are lower extremity amputees. The universal leg cosmesis is durable for permanent below knee application, yet is also appropriate for temporary use. It is with a durable urethane foam design, is water resistant and matches proximal cosmesis of Seattle Foots, Models SLF130, SLF135, and SNF150 (See separate entries). DIMENSIONS: Available in 10.25 inch heigh for foot sizes 22-26 centimeters, and 15.5 inch height f

Sil Skin

Sil Skin is a cosmetic cover for a prosthetic leg designed to cover the foot and leg while allowing full flexion of the knee and ankle joints. The cover resembles skin in appearance and texture, and is made of a tear and stain resistant elastic that wipes clean and does not absorb water. The silicone skin slips over a thin nylon stocking which covers cosmetic foam layer. SIZES: Available in five sizes. COLOR: Light or dark brown.

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