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Scissors with Flexible Handle

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Easy Grip Scissors (Models 6027 & 6028)

The Easy Grip Scissors, models 6027 & 6028 are scissors with a flexible handle designed for use by individuals with limited hand strength or grasping ability. The scissors can be used either right- or left-handed, and the ergonomic handle permits operation with a squeezing action between the finger and thumb or the thumb and the palm. The scissors feature a polypropylene handle with a nylon spring strap, stainless steel blades, and blade protectors. Model PC 6027 has rounded tips and model 6

Snip Loop Scissors (Model Sz-275)

Snip Loop Scissors (no. SZ-275) are self-opening scissors designed for people with limited manual dexterity or coordination problems. Scissor action is achieved by squeezing the handles together with the hands, arms, or other mobile limb. The blades automatically open with a spring action. DIMENSIONS: 5.5-inch overall scissor length.


Squizzers are self-opening scissors with special spring-apart, plastic-coated handles that are joined together by a band. These scissors are easier to control than conventional scissors, and require less manual dexterity and coordination to operate. Blades are short and rounded for safety. DIMENSIONS: 5 inches total length.

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