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Safety Tread for Bathtub

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Bath Safety Anti-Slipping Treads

Safety Treads help prevent slipping in a shower or tub. Create a skid-resistant surface by applying self-adhesive safety treads to the tub or shower floor. The traction helps improve bathroom safety, creating traction to prevent falls. Apply the treads on non-porous surfaces and in any pattern. Safety treads, sold in packages of twenty waterproof strips, transfer the shower or tub into a non-slip environment.

Carex Enablers Safety Treads (Model En33Crd)

Carex Enablers Safety Treads, model EN33CRD, are designed to prevent slipping in tubs, showers, and on stairs. Sold in sets of eight, these waterproof treads are self-stick and can be installed on virtually any clean, dry surface. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 10 x 0.75 inches.

Gatorgrip Shower Mat With Hole & Gatorgrip Shower Pad

The GatorGrip Shower Mat and GatorGrip Shower Pad are slip resistant coatings for showers designed for use by individuals with balance disabilities. These thick, soft removable mats/pads are made of a polymer psuedo-rubber that is chemically resistant to mold and mildew. They are affixed to the shower floor with a peel-and-stick adhesive backing. The mat has a center drain hole and fits most standard size showers with a center drain. The pad is designed for use in a shower with a drain to one si

Non Slip Surface For Tub Or Shower.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Apply textured grip surfaces to tub or shower to make it less slippery. Textured grip strips are available pre-cut or in rolls. Cut to the length needed and round the corners to prevent curling. To get good adhesion wash the surface thoroughly and clean any old strips off with a putty knife and solvent such as lacquer cleaner. lay out the pattern in a radius or in parallel rows. Press with a wallpaper seam roller to get good adhesion. includes drawings

Safety Strips (Model A830600)

Safety Strips, model A830600, are safety treads designed to provide traction in the bathtub or shower for people with balance or mobility disabilities. These peel-and-stick self-adhesive strips can be placed where needed. DIMENSIONS (LxW): Each strip is 8 x 0.75 inch.

Safety Tread (Model 16H158)

The Safety Tread, model 16H158, is a safety tread and non-slip floor covering designed for use by individuals with balance or mobility disabilities. Designed to reduce the risk of slip, trips and falls, this slip resistant tread strip is made of sandpaper-like material to provide safer footing around a house, cottage, car and outdoors. The strip can be cut and sized to be placed on slippery steps, stairs, wheelchair footrests, and poolside or in the bathroom. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 60 x 2 inches.

Tenura Anti Slip Bathroom Aid

The Tenura Anti Slip Bathroom Aids are bathtub safety treads and non-slip floor covering designed to provide traction in the bathtub or shower or on wet bathroom floors for people with balance or mobility disabilities. Designed to help reduce the risk of slipping and falling on wet surfaces, these non-slip discs or strips is made of self-adhesive material intended to provide a non-slip grip in bathrooms and changing rooms where floors and surfaces tend to be wet and slippery. This product is sol

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