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Hook and Loop Fastener

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Back-To-Back Hook And Loop (Model A28690 &a28691)

Back-to-Back Hook and Loop is hook-and-loop fastener designed for use with splints and other orthotics, or for positioning or restraint applications. The hook is on one side and the loop is on the other, permanently bonded back-to-back. DIMENSIONS: Available in rolls of 1 x 10 yards, 2 x 10 yards, 5/8 x 10 yards, 1 x 25 yards, or 2 x 25 yards. COLOR: White hook and royal blue loop.

Deluxe Neck Cushion

The deluxe neck cushion is designed for individuals with a disability that causes neck pain. The inflatable cushion has three air chambers that expand vertically to provide back traction and gently stretches the neck and shoulders. Also helps relieve pain from compressed desks. Portable- use anywhere. Fits most necks. Purple. Smooth velvet material. Be sure slow air release valve is closed before pumping. Hook and Loop Fasteners.

Hook And Loop Velcro Tape

Hook and Loop Velcro Tape is hook and loop fasteners designed for use in therapeutic settings, with orthotics, to adapt clothing, or to secure items to wheelchair trays and other surfaces. Available with pressure- sensitive or standard backs, the Hook Tape and the Loop Tape are sold in individual rolls DIMENSIONS: 10- or 25-yard rolls available in 1-, 1.5-, or 2-inch widths. COLOR: White, beige or black.

Neoprene Splinting Material

Neoprene Slinting Material is splint strapping material designed for use with splints and other orthotics. This material has a rubber core with nylon lining on one side and pile material on the other, making hook attachment easy. The material also has some elasticity, resulting in straps that contour for a snug, secure fit. DIMENSIONS: 1/16 x 18 x 24 inches, 1/8 x 6 x 38 inches, 1/8 x 18 x 24 inches, 1/8 inch x 1 inch x 3.5 yards, 1/8 inch x 1 inches x 3.5 yards, or 1/8 inch x 2 inches x 3.5 yar

Poly-Lock Plastic Tape Fastener

Poly-Lock is an alternative to fabric-type hook and loop tape fastening systems. It is made of tough, flexible polyolefin plastic with a self-interlocking mushroom-head pattern that will lock together in any position. The adhesive backed material comes with a super strenth 3M-brand rubber based adhesive and polyethylene protective sheet. This fastening tape can be used indoors or outdoors, is shock and vibration resistant, accommodates misalignment, holds underwater, is non-corrosive, adjustable

Rolyan Hook & Roylan Loop

The Rolyan Hook and Rolyan Loop are hook and loop fasteners designed for use with splint strapping. Made of durable nylon material, both the hook and the loop are available in a choice of plain or adhesive backing and include a storage box. DIMENSIONS (WxL): The plain- and adhesive-backed hook and the plain-backed loop are available in rolls of 1 inch x 10 yards, 2 inches x 10 yards, 1 inch x 25 yards, 1.5 inches x 25 yards, and 2 inches x 25 yards. The self-adhesive-backed loop is available in

Rolyan Extra-Strong Hook And Loop (Models A2941 To A29426)

The Rolyan Hook and Loop, models A2941 to A29429, are hook and loop fasteners designed for use by individuals who use arm or leg splints and knee braces. The nylon hook and nylon loop materials are sold in rolls and are available with a plain backing or with self-adhesive backing (hook material and loop material are sold separately). OPTIONS: Storage carton. DIMENSIONS (WxL): 1 inch x 25 yards or 2 inches x 25 yards. COLOR: The plain-back loop is available in white, beige, royal blue, or black.

Rolyan Super Strap Ii Strapping Material (Models 755701, 755702 & 755704)

Rolyan Super Strap II Strapping Material, models 755701, 755702 & 755704, is foam strapping material designed for use with splints. This material features non-fraying knitted loop fabric, .25 inch thick breathable foam, and soft tricot backing. Both sides mate with hook material. This non-stretchable, hypoallergenic material is latex free and washable. DIMENSIONS (WxL): Model 755701 is 1 x 10 yards, model 755702 is 2 x 10 yards, and model 755704 is 4 x 10 yards.

Self-Adhesive R Thin Coins

The Self-Adhesive R Thin Coins are hook and loop fasteners designed for attaching straps to splints. Sold in rolls of 100 pre-cut circles, these items are hook material. DIMENSIONS: Available in 7/8-inch in diameter, 1 3/8-inch in diameter, and 1 7/8-inch in diameter.

Self-Adhesive Strap Attach Hook Tabs

The Self-Adhesive Strap Attach Hook Tabs are hook and loop fasteners designed for attaching straps to splints. Sold in rolls of 169 pre-cut tabs, these items are soft, flexible plastic hook that does not attract lint, rarely snags clothing, and mates with standard loop and other soft fabric strapping materials. DIMENSIONS: Each tab is 1 x 2 inches. COLOR: White.

Velcro Fasteners.

Velcro hook and loop fasteners. Variety of widths available. Standard or pressure sensitive backings.

Velcro Grip Hook & Velcro Strip Loop

Velcro Grip Hook and Velcro Strip Loop are hook and loop fasteners designed for use with splints and other orthotics. The thin, soft loop is available with a plain or a self-adhesive backing and mates with the Velcro Grip Hook (sold separately), which also comes in a choice of plain or self-adhesive backing. DIMENSIONS (WxL): Both the plain-backed and self-adhesive-backed hook and loop are available in 1 inch x 25 yards; the plain-backed loop is also available in 2 inches x 25 yards.

Velcro Hook Fastener Patches (Model 71831)

Velcro Hook and Loop Fastener Patches (no. 71831) are adhesive-backed and trimmed to an octagonal shape for hand splinting and other uses. The patches come 25 per pack. DIMENSIONS: 2 x 1.5 inches.

Velfoam 2

Velfoam 2 is foam strap padding with hook and loop fasteners for padding, straps, or body support belts. The 1/4-inch thick polyfoam strip is faced on both sides with Velcro loop, ready to use with hook material. Velfoam is washable and sterilizable. DIMENSIONS: Sold in two widths: 2 or 6 inches; 5 yard boxes. COLOR: Beige.


Velstrap fasteners (model 101) are Velcro hook and loop fasteners in a ready-to-use strap with Zytel or stainless steel cinch rings for use with braces, exercise weights, orthotic and prosthetic devices, limb retainers, bundling straps, etc. Packaged 6 straps per size. DIMENSIONS: Available in 1, 1.5, and 2 inch widths, and 16, 24, and 32 inch lengths. COLOR: Beige.

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