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Mat Table

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Do-It-Yourself Mat Table.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Wall-mounted fold-down mat table to hold two large mats. Briefly describes a do-it-yourself plywood mat table for physical therapy departments which may not have the space or money to buy one. Suggests modifications to allow the table to double as a movie screen, cork board or work space for people in wheelchairs. COMMENTS: For further information contact the authors at Marquette University, Program in Physical Therapy, 2611 West Wisconsin Ave., Milwau

Mat Platform (Models Nk 736 & Nk 737)

The Mat Platforms are mat tables designed for use in a therapeutic setting so that an individual's limbs may be manipulated. The mat is a 2-inch polyurethane foam pad covered with naugahyde and the platform has chrome plated steel legs. The free standing platform (NK 736) has adjustable floor guides and a rubber bumper around the edge. The wall mounted folding mat platform (NK 737) has push button leg supports, pivots up and down with three legs to support it on the floor and is secured against

Mat Table

Mat tables with wood frames and upholstered tops, available in 3 models. Wall mounted model is attached to wall, stands on 2 legs that fold up for storage so that mat extends 8 inches from wall when locked into position, size 21 inches high by 60 inches wide by 84 inches long. Mat table with permanent mat is 21 inches high and available in 36, 48, 60, or 72 inch widths and 72, 84, or 96 inch lengths. Raised rim mat table model has separate mat, table is 19 inches high and available in 37, 49, 61

Midland Space-Saver Mat Platform (Pc Models Pc 2236 & Pc 2236A)

The Midland Space-Saver Mat Platform is a mat table designed to provide a therapy surface when needed while folding away against the wall when not in use. These solid wood platforms feature removable foam mats with vinyl-coated nylon covering, and an easy up/down mechanism. DIMENSIONS: The Pediatric Space-Saver, model PC 2236A, is 36 x 72 inches and 18 inches high. The Space-Saver, model PC 2236 is 4 x 7 feet. The mats for both are 2 inches thick and both platforms fold away to 7 inches from the

Performa Adjustable Mat Platform

The Performa Adjustable Mat Platform is a mat table designed for use in therapy settings. These height-adjustable tables feature a welded steel frame, high-density foam tops with Perma-BLOK vinyl coating as a barrier against germs, abrasions, and stains, and radius padded edges. Height adjustment is accomplished using the attached fold-away hand crank. A set of matching bolsters is included. DIMENSIONS: All models adjust from 20 to 30 inches high. These tables are available in a choice of 4 x 7

Raised Rim Mat Table (Model 450)

This raised rim mat table is designed to provide an exercise area at an accessible height for wheelchair and ambulatory people. The mat has five triple-bolted, hardwood legs for stability. To protect the table from wheelchairs and prosthesis damage the edges are plastic covered. A natural finish is standard however a walnut finish is available. The accessory mat for this table is polyurethane foam covered with a nylon reinforced Herculite 20 material. Herculite 80 and Naugahyde reinforced materi

Space Saver Mat Platform (Models 1420 & 1421)

The Space Saver Mat Platform is a mat table designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury. This wheelchair-accesible table has six legs and the top is padded with high-density urethane foam and upholstered in nylon-reinforced vinyl. All exterior surfaces have a laminate finish. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): 18 inches x 4 x 7 feet (model 1420) or 18 inches x 5 x 7 feet (model 1421). The foam padding on both models is two inches thick. CAPACITY: 1,000 pounds. COLORS: The l

Valueline Mat Platform (Models 2230A, 2230B & 2230C)

The Valueline Mat Platform, model, 2230A, model 2230B & model 2230C, are mat tables designed to provide a therapy and exercise surface above floor level, providing access to wheelchair users, ambulatory users, and patient lifts. The solid wood platform includes a permanently attached covered foam mat. DIMENSIONS (W x L): Model 2230A is 4 x 7 feet; model 2230B is 5 x 7 feet; and model 2230C is 6 x 8 feet. The mat is 2 inches thick and the platform has 20-inch clearance. CAPACITY: 450 pounds.

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