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Braille Training Device

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Afb Braille Alphabet Card

The AFB Braille Alphabet Card is a braille alphabet card designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. The card is embossed with the braille alphabet and braille numbers, and includes an explanation of braille and a short history of its development. DIMENSIONS (HxW): 9x 4 inches.

Braille Buddy

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of an educational device to assist individuals who are blind or have low vision to transition into Braille literacy. The Braille Buddy is a 2-phase educational device aimed to assist individuals who are blind or low vision with the most difficult stages of learning Braille (e.g., reading and writing). The Braille Buddy folds down into an easy-to-hold device that expands to and includes the Braille cell and the Braille keyboard. In Stage 1,

Braille Peg Board

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY ---PURPOSE: To serve as an aid for teaching braille to students who are blind or visually impaired. Cut apart rubber peg mats (sold in school supply stores) to form separate six-dot braille cells. Press pegs into the appropriate holes to form braille characters. AUTHOR: Johnson, P.J. TITLE: Braille Peg Boards Are a Good Fit. JOURNAL: RE:view. REF: Vol. 36, No. 4, Winter 2005: p. 166. PAGES: 2 (including cover).

Braille-Only Rubik Cube

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of the traditional Rubik Cube toy using only Braille characters for individuals with visual impairment and/or blindness. A previous version created by a Yanko designer used textures; however, in this Braille-only version the colors are embossed and include green, blue, red, yellow, white, and pink. This device is a wonderful concept which allows users to learn Braille and/or just have a good time playing a classic game from the 1980s. TITL

Business Cards For Learning Braille

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To help a first grade Braille student learn to read and spell Braille words. To convert an unused business card to this purpose, punch a hole in the top left corner and cut off the upper right corner of the card. Then, braille and print the word to be learned on the card. Finally, attach the card to a metal ring by putting the ring through the hole in the upper left corner. The ring can be attached to the student's bookbag. TITLE: Business Cards for Learning Bra

CD Dots

DO IT YOURSELF PURPOSE: To provide large braille dots for games, teaching activities, and bulletin boards. Use damaged, advertising, or obsolete CD disks for braille enhancement activities. Place disks on a sheet of black paper to enhance contrast and ask questions such as "How many letters can be made using only two dots?" or "How many letters can be made with four dots?" More advanced activities might include presenting a specific set of CD Dots and asking how many contractions can be made. Th

Logan Braillecoach

The Logan BrailleCoach is a braille training device designed for use by individuals who are blind or who have low vision and use braille. This devices face features a raised red button and a small speaker. The user places a laminated tag with a single braille letter, word or phrase over the red button, and when the tag is pressed on the button, the letter, word or phrase is spoken by the BrailleCoach. The Logan BrailleCoach comes with 26 braille pre-programmed tags with each letter of the alpha

Monkey's Uncle Reading Game

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY" ----- PURPOSE: To assist individuals with low vision or blindness in learning to read Braille. A version of "Old Maid," the cards, created on index cards, have animals' names written on them in Braille and print. One card has a fuzzy-textured red or other brigh color circle on it and is the "Monkey's Uncle." All of the cards are dealt face down among at least three players. Players remove and set aside any pairs in their hands. The player to the left of the dealer draws a c

Mountbatten Learning System

The Mountbatten Learning System (MBLS) is an electric braille writer and training device designed for use by children who are learning braille. The system includes a Mountbatten electronic braille writer with digitized speech, assignable function keys, notetaker and word processor functions, sufficient memory for 600 braille pages, and the ability to transfer files to and from a personal computer (PC). Features for students include a braille math mode using the Nemeth braille mathematics code; p

Salsa Script Authoring For Sal

Salsa is a voice output program designed for use with individuals learning braille. This program reads braille files created by many braille translators and editors, including DBT and MegaDots (see entries), as well as programs such as Braille 2000, PokaDot, and others. To create lessons for SAL, the instructor creates the braille using the desired method and reads the braille into Salsa. The program shows the braille lesson on screen in Braille View. Color coding indicates Nemeth Math Braille

Sandy Trails Braille Tracking System

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To teach pre-schoolers with some useable vision who are learning Braille letters to track evenly across a Braille line. The system includes a set of sheets that have been Brailled. The full Braille cell (the “for” sign) is written on alternate lines of all sheets. The first sheet introduced has blank lines between the “for” sign lines, enabling beginners to simply work on moving across the page and back. The second sheet introduced works on efficiency, and a sin

Swing Cell (Model 6-78040-00)

The Swing Cell, model 6-78040-00, is a braille training device designed for use in teaching braille to individuals who are blind or have low vision. This device introduces the braille cell to the beginning braille reader and writer. It has two rectangular blocks that are hinged on the top and mounted on a wooden base. Each block has three holes. Pegs can be inserted into the holes to represent braille dots. When the blocks are in the vertical position, the pegs form the braille cell. When the bl

Swing Cell Compact (Model 6-78041-00)

Swing Cell Compact, model 6-78041-00, is a braille training device designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. It consists of two rectangular blocks, each with three holes into which pegs can be inserted to represent braille dots. This device helps students understand the relationship between the braille cell and the keys on a braille writer. It is similar to the Swing Cell (see separate entry), but smaller and lighter and without the base. COLOR: Yellow blocks with black p

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