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Abacus Attack

Abacus Attack is a math game designed for use by students who are blind or have low vision. Designed to reinforce math facts and abacus skills for students in grades one through six, the game is played on a magnetic board with large print and a braille overlay. The student uses game pieces to travel to "Attack Alley." Each space on the board has a raised shape. Upon landing on the shape, the student answers a math problem from the enclosed cards. Math problems are included for all elementary gra

Deluxe Low Vision 60Th Anniversary Scrabble

Deluxe Low Vision 60th Anniversary Scrabble is a large print board game designed for use by individuals with low vision. This game features a colorful rotating game board that allows each player to see the letters upright. The standard-sized tiles are imprinted with large bold letters and easy to see numerical values. The raised-grid style of the board guarantees that words will not slip or slide out of place. The set includes curved tile racks that provides an optimum view of each letter. Store

Deluxe Low Vision Scrabble

Deluxe Low Vision Scrabble Game is a large print board game designed for use by individuals who have low vision. This game, adapted from the standard Scrabble game, comes with large print tiles with large black letters on a white background. It features an impact-resistant game board that rotates. Instructions are included. DIMENSIONS: Letters are 0.5 inch. DELIVERY TIME: Usually ships within 3 business days.

Flip Bingo

Flip Bingo is a large print board game designed for use by individuals with low vision, learning disabilities, dyslexia, early onset dementia, Alzheimer's disease, autism, or Asperger's disorder. These Bingo cards are in a board game format and show only selected numbers that make up patterns for players to cover. There are four patterns per card (two on each side) in the Low Vision version and two patterns per card for the Low Vision Half Card (one pattern per side). For the Traditional version

Giant Monopoly Deluxe Game

The Giant Monopoly Deluxe Game is a large print board game designed for use by individuals with low vision or fine motor or grasping disabilities. This set includes playing pieces 150 percent of their normal size and an over-sized board. Built with solid wood stained and varnished for a subdued gloss finish the board includes a recessed well lined with smooth felt where the Chance and Community Chest cards reside. The well is ideal for rolling the game's dice, ensuring that the over-sized metal-

Giant Scrabble

Giant Scrabble is a large print board game designed for use by individuals with low vision or fine motor disabilities. This version of the game is 50 percent larger than the standard game and includes an oversized, folding Scrabble board, 100 oversized wood tiles with large print letters, four oversized wood tile racks, and an oversized score pad. A large print instruction sheet is also included. DIMENSIONS (LxWxH): 24 x 11.25 x 2 inches. WEIGHT: 4 pounds.

Large Print Scrabble Tiles

The Large Print Scrabble Tiles are large print game pieces designed for use by individuals with low vision. These tiles are intended to substitute for the standard tiles found in a Scrabble board game. They feature bold, black, extra-large letters set on a bright white tile. The tiles also show the point value of each letter. The set includes 100 tiles. DIMENSIONS: Each tile measures 0.625 x 0.625 inch. Type size is 0.5 inch.

Megaword Game

Megaword is a Braille crossword board game designed for use by players who are blind or have low vision. It is similar to Scrabble, and features large, bold print letters on a white game board with a Brailled overlay. Recessed squares hold the playing pieces. The bold print letter pieces have Braille overlays. Braille and large print instructions are included. DIMENSIONS: The playing pieces are 0.75 inch square.

Memory Board Game

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a group memory improvement activity at a day center for seniors. The center had requested a large, lightweigheight board game that could be mounted on a whiteboard stand and removed when not in use. The game requires players to choose two numbers from the array on the board, and if the pictures on the reverse match, the player keeps the pair. The winner is the player with the greatest number of pairs. To make the board, a piece of Masonite was cut to size a

Po-Ke-No Board Game

The Po-Ke-No Board Game is a large print board game designed for use by individuals with low vision. For 2 to 13 players ages, 6 years and up, play, players try to cover the playing cards depicted on their boards with the goal of being the first to complete a row. The letters, symbols and numbers on the boards are designed to be easy to see as are the calling cards. This game set includes 12 game boards, 200 game chips, Po-Ke-No calling cards, and game rules for the five variations of play. DIM

What's Your Move - A Direction Game

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To aid students who are blind or have low vision in learning the four major directions on a map. Create a tactile game board on a raised-line grid sheet with 1-inch squares. On the outer margins of the grid sheet, label the edges: North (upper), South (lower), East (right), and West (left). Mark a "START" square tactilely in the center of the south edge of the board. Affix a pebble or other three-dimensional shape on the square in the center of the north edge o

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