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Realtime Captioning System

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Central Alert CA-360 Combo 2 Notification System

The Central Alert CA-360 Combo 2 Notification System is a product designed for those individuals with deaf and hard of hearing disabilities to alert them to daily sounds in their home. Audio Alarm Sensor detects alarm sounds and triggers CA-360 to alert the user. Audible, visual and vibration alerts. Alarm clock with dual alarm settings. Includes one bed shaker (clock has jack for a second bed shaker). The sensor detects the alarm sounds of virtually all your audio smoke, gas, and fire alarms, e

Cpc-500 Voicecaptioner

The CPC-500 VoiceCaptioner is a captioning software system designed to convert speech into text for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. This software is designed to work with a speech recognition program such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking or ViaVoice (not included, see separate entries). A computer is connected via a serial cable to a closed caption encoder that receives a video feed of the speaker. The speaker's words are automatically turned into captions. Captioning of multiple speaker

Custom Adaptation Camera

This Camera is a custom adaptation designed for those individuals with quadriplegics to film productions independently. It was designed for Bob Ness, a video producer for 20-plus years, and this adaption allows him to use a physical camera. The team used existing products and components and adapted a camera tripod mounted to a lamp to counterbalance the weight of the camera - that allows him to position his camera anywhere in space. He can now lift up-down, side-to-side, tilt and change the angl

IBM Viascribe

IBM ViaScribe is captioning software for digital audio and video, designed for use by individuals who are deaf or hard or hearing. This software creates a written transcript of existing audio or video content, and automatically captions live audio content as it occurs. It can be used in classrooms, business meetings, and other situations in which presentations are made. The speaker spends approximately an hour creating a voice profile that helps the program learn his or her particular speech pat

Live Caption

Live Caption is an iPhone and Android app that provides individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing with transcriptions of what the other person is saying in real-time. When the other person speaks into the smartphone, this app will transcribe his or her spoken words live on the screen of the device using voice recognition software. Then the user can type back his or her response. Live Caption is NOT for transcribing phone calls, but for transcribing in-person conversations.


Pedius is an Android and iPhone app that allows individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing to have phone conversations in real-time without an interpreter. When the user types or speaks his or her message into the phone, Pedius, using speech synthesis and voice recognition technology, will send the message to the contact with either the user’s own voice or an automated voice. Then Pedius will send the user the written translation of his contact’s response in real-time. Through this app, users c

Remote Realtime Online Captioning

Remote Realtime Online Captioning is an open captioning system designed for use by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing or who have learning or language disabilities. Remote realtime captioning is provided Internet using the included software and standard computer equiopment. Speakers at the event site (classrooms, meetings, conferences, workshops, phone conferences) use a lapel or hand-held microphone. The audio is digitized by the event-site computer and sent via the Internet to a remot


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